Watch: Special Pre-Pesach Kashrus Series for Those Making Pesach for the First Time


To assist those who may be making Pesach for the first time due to the current coronavirus situation, Rav Nochum Rabinowitz, a senior rabbinic administrator with the OU and rov of the Monostricher Bais Medrash of Flatbush, prepared the following videos for us.

The following is a set of 9 videos.


Introduction to Kashering on Pesach – Episode 1

How to Kasher a Microwave for Pesach – Episode 2

How to Kasher Your Fridge and Pantry – Episode 3

How To Kasher Dishwashers & Electric Mixers – Episode 4

How to Kasher an Oven For Pesach – Episode 5

How To Kasher a Kitchen Sink & Urn for Pesach – Episode 6

How To Kasher a Kitchen Countertop for Pesach – Episode 7

How to Kasher Utensils and Pots for Pesach – Episode 8

How To Kasher Stove Tops for Pesach – Episode 9



  1. While this is a great community service everyone should ask their own rav for halachic guidance. Most poskim are of the opinion that you cannot kasher a microwave nor can you kasher a dishwasher.


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