Watch: Strongman Becomes First Person to Lift Over 1,000 Pounds

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Eddie Hall became the first person in the world to ever deadlift 500kg, or 1,102.31 pounds.

That’s half a ton.

But then the 28-year-old almostĀ passed out when blood vessels in his head burst.

The feat, which almost killed Hall, was performed at the Leeds Arena.

Hall had lifted 465kg, which was matched by two other competitors, prompting him to literally raise the bar again.




  1. Wow, mamesh toradik. Thank you so much for showing this. Every yorei shomayim must watch this. It’s kedia to close the gemorah just to see this.

  2. Even if this guy is outstanding, the possible steroid feelings make my Torah day explode in a bad mood of what were we waiting for, Moshiac Ben Arnold or just winter. Still, this is fun. Thank you Matzav. Fence on Torah still keeping it out!


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