WATCH: Summer 2019 Feature – If You Lie, You’re Gona Fry; If You Don’t Give a Hitch, You’ll End Up in a Ditch



    • As the one who made this comment, I’m apologizing.

      It was totally wrong of me to have criticized those involved in making this clip in such a manner.

      I’m asking all of you to please be moichel me.

      • I’ll think about it. The pain is still to great. Its going to take a lot of hard work on my part to overcome. Come to me a week before Rosh Hashana and bl”n then, I’ll be ready to be moichel you.

  1. “וקווי השם יחליפו כוח ”
    Cool , the guys looks so happy and enjoy with rabbi Alter.
    I wish I can be there


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