Watch: Syria, Russia Blame Israel For Airstrikes


Department of Defense denies US airstrikes in Syria. Fox News’ Doug Luzader reports on the latest.



  1. Thank you Israel for rousing antisemitism. You have done Klal Yisrael a “world of good”.
    when will people see the state of israel does only harm for us? Jews are supposed to lay low in Galus.

    • If you’re looking for antisemitism, then you shoud look closely in the mirror.

      Israelis hate getting killed, and the world hates Israel for not letting themselves get killed.

      Since Syria and Israel are in a state of war, Israel has every right to destroy anything in Syria that threatens it.
      When another nation is at war with you, you’re allowed to attack them.
      I have no moral problem with attacking an enemy before it attacks you.
      If someone threatens to kill you tomorrow, then kill him today!


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