Watch: Syrian Refugees Flood Israel-Syria Border

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Israelis providing food and medical supplies to tent city on border; Jonathan Hunt reports from the scene.



  1. Instead of putting up border walls the Israelis are providing them with food and medical supplies. Are Israelis normal?

  2. Why would an Arab, or anyone else for that matter, want to flee to such a racist, apartheid, abusive, occupied, State of Israel?! This is obviously fake news put out by a PR firm to make Israel look good.

  3. Kristen, Its people like you that label any news that seems to contradict the ideas that you want to stick behind as ‘Fake news’. Israel provides medical assistance to thousands of refugees. Israel provides medical assistance to family members of Palestinians terrorists who all wish death to the Israel. How exactly is this abusive?
    Time to re-think your position on such matters.

  4. Maybe the Syrians trust Israel more then they do any other nation, especially their own people. Israel has had a make shift hospital at the border for quite a while treating the people as they were being gassed by their own people, so why wouldn’t they trust Israel above all of their fellows. This isn’t fake news look it up.

  5. If Israel has extra money why not give it to their owners citizens?? There are so many poor people in Israel that could use some more government help. I think that before israel should help others, especially people that hate us, they should help their own.


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