Watch: ‘Tactical Rabbi’ Trains Shuls in Self Defense

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  1. “Kol HaKovod” to the ‘Tactical Rabbi’.
    T.B. Tractate “Sanhedrin”, 72:A: “Em Bo L’Hargoch Hashkem L’Horgoh”. An injunction by ‘Chazal’. Based on our Torah; Exodus, 22:1: “Em BaMachteres Yimotze Haganov, Ein Lo Domim”.
    On this subject, I recommend a book by the Israeli journalist & author, Ronen Bergman; “Rise and Kill First; The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations”. A must reading by all “Yiden”! “They”, do fear the Mossad & Shin Bet!
    This fear, is the key to the physical survival, to date, of the State of Israel.
    “Yashar Koach” to you, Rabbi Raziel Cohen, for zeroing in on the subject of ‘Self Defense’; “LeChatchilah”, before the ‘tragic event’ occurs & escalates.

    “Yashar Koach” to you, Rabbi Raziel Cohen. This is ‘War’; between ‘Us’ & ‘Them’!
    If ‘We’ are not proactive to protect ourselves, who will?? History speaks for itself. Over the millennia.


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