Watch: Terrifying Protest At The Kosel Today

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  1. What’s so terrifying about a few crazy women shrieking near the kosel/ And what’s with their signs? It’s too early for Purim.

  2. Today was Rosh Chodesh. Every Rosh Chodesh the reform women of the wall come to read with Sefrei Torah’s and sing Loud. The last few months a new group of women have come to help protest against the reform. The women who wear capes and shawls and cover their face. A rich friend of mine is paying these women to disrupt the reform heretics. Beautiful job.

  3. Way back in elementary school we learned that a news story has to tell us who, what, when, where and why. What is the point of posting this video without telling us what it’s about? It’s just an incomplete story and shoddy journalism.

  4. They were protesting the Women of the Wall group. Even the Arab women were saying that it wasn’t al pe halacha and they were very upset about it.

  5. The Hebrew sign says “Be a man until the end.” What they mean is that if the Women of the Wall want to wear taleisim and tefillin and read the Torah, they should try doing that in the mens’ section.

  6. Why is WOW still allowed to have their monthly provocation in the women’s section instead of in the Ezrat Israel section we Israeli taxpayers paid a fortune for?Screaming at them isn’t effective, let’s start changing “No, no Hellenists!” instead ,which gets the message across and let’s pressure whoever is giving them police protection and bringing men, including police, into the women’s section!

    • Why is men in a women’s section a problem if the men aren’t davening? Since when is women seeing men a halachic impediment for women seeing. ??

  7. I never really supported the cape dressed ladies but several months ago I was at the Kosel on Rosh Chodesh and must say these women fought the wow reformers more than any one else. Maybe these are the real Jews who will lead up the fight against our spirutual enemies. I also read in material put out by the reform wow group how scared and upset they were by these chareidi women who have their faces covered.

  8. The men surrounding the WOW don’t look like regular police.Who are they and by what right do they push away the frum women who are supposed to be there?Who’s giving the orders?The police chief or is someone in the government allowing WOW’s illegal provocative service to take place?


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