Watch: Testing Out The Roller Coaster And Indoor Skiing At American Dream Mall, Set To Open In Two Weeks



  1. They are testing facilities in NJ, prior to planned build out, in what I believe is an abandoned airstrip in Riverhead NY. It sure is going to be a money maker! They are also going to construct 4D theatres restaurants and even a helicopter drone ride, that will go back and forth to an airport at a flight training college recently acquired in Nassau county. I am looking forward to the eastern long island location. What a place to visit with the kids during summers in the Hamptons!

  2. They are testing equipment in NJ. I’m told they will have a larger destination center with skiing and attractions, in what I believe was once a factory at a former airstrip, near Riverhead NY. They plan 4D theatres shopping, restaurants and even a helicopter drone ride going back and forth to a former flight training college in Nassau they have also acquired. Very exciting for the kids! Imagine skiing in summer while visiting the Hamptons!


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