Watch: The Controversy Of Eating Hot Kosher Meals On A Plane

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  1. (I don’t remember where I read the following story – sorry)
    A Jew and non-Jew were seated next to each other on an airplane. They struck up a conversation and the Jew mentioned that he was very hungry. Eventually, their meals were delivered (fleishigs, as you will see), and the Jew went to wash on his roll. Once he returned, he ate, but he didn’t eat the meat portion. His non-Jewish neighbor asked “Why didn’t you eat the main part of the meal? You said you were very hungry.”
    The Jew replied that since the meat was unsealed and out of his sight, he was unable to eat it. At that point his non-Jewish seatmate confessed that he was curious as to what kosher meat tasted like, so he swapped some of his (presumably similar-looking) meat with the Jew’s portion.

    I wish I could remember where I read this story, but ever since reading it I’ve always been mindful that “basar shenisalem” is a halocha, not merely a suggestion and in this story’s case it saved the Jew from eating pure treif.

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