Watch: The Karlsburger Rov, Rav Yechezkel Roth, Tries On the Glasses of the Chazon Ish

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  1. Years ago I heard an interesting story about these glasses. The story goes that during the life of the Chazon Ish there was a poor man who was losing his eyesight. He couldn’t afford a doctor. The Chazon Ish heard about him and lent him his glasses. The poor man’s eyes were healed and his eyesight returned. The holiness off the Chazan Ish were transferred to his glasses.

    • Calm down. Moshiach can’t come now anyway. He has to wait till the oilam gets back from Cancun, Palm Springs, Miami Beach, etc… When the oilam starts complaining about the bitereh galus, then we’ll talk. Until then, let me check my schedule. Have a big concert coming up. Moshiach can wait.


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