Watch: The Most Amazing Boss Ever at Chobani Yogurt Company

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Hamdi Ulukaya is founder, chairman, and CEO of the yogurt company Chobani. Ulukaya is not only an incredibly smart businessman but he’s also an incredibly generous billionaire.

This past week, the 2,000 full-time employees at Chobani at the company’s plant in upstate New York were told they’d be receiving shares worth up to 10% of the company if it ever goes public or gets sold. The goal, Ulukaya explained to the crowd, “is to pass along the wealth they have helped build in the decade since the company started.”




  1. well if this was a yid, we would see many comments saying, mi k’amcha yisroel and kiddush hashem.

    What a man! This is a great kiddush hashem…that Hashem’s creation can show so much kindness is a reflection of the tzelem elokim that all humans possess and our ability Jew and gentile alike to develop and refine our character as this man has.

  2. “if it ever goes public”

    That’s a very big “IF”. Promises don’t mean anything anymore, in todays work environment. Giving his employees cash in the hand is much better than some stupid worthless paper. Its always the employee who has to be LOYAL to his employer. Its NEVER the other way around. NEVER!

  3. Dear Joe,
    You are absolutely right, if it was a Yid it WOULD be a kiddush hashem, being that that is (hopefully) at least part of his intentions.(This concept is dealt with more by the ‘ sifrei machshava’). However, being that in this instance it was not a yid, it is NOT a kiddush hashem, however commendable and respectful it is. As far as mi k’amcha… well, “aizehu chachom halomed mikol adam”.


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