Watch: The New Muslim ‘Shomrim’



  1. one BIG difference is that shomrim is not called “JEWISH Watch” its just “Watch” we help all ppl.

  2. I’m very concerned now about backlash against the Muslim-American community. DeBlasio is right. It’s high time to start rounding up all white heterosexual males and intern them in reeducation camps.

  3. 8″payos
    May 7, 2019 at 9:19 am

    What if they attack me because I’m a proud jew? who will I call?
    What if shomrim attacks goyim because they simply “look” suspicious?
    Oh, of course that would never happen.!

    • Um, Because Shomrim NEVER attack anybody. they simply assist the cops in locating them. not that i agree that you should fear the muslim patrol, presumably they are doing things legally and plan to, but you have a bone to pick with shomrim thats entirely unwarrented


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