Watch: The NYPD Confront Kalman Yeger And Heshy Tischler About The Breaking Of Chains To Open City Parks



  1. Disgusting.We are in galus. How quickly we forget. Was it so long ago that my Mothers whole family was killed in the german killing machines. Where my uncle as a boy of 14 was given the job of taking out the bodies from the gas chambers. In what universe do you take upon yourself of how to deal with the government when we are in galus. Shame on you.

    • Your comment is disgusting!!!!

      The government in this country is run by the people and voters. The people and voters support Tishler et al in this situation. They are disgusted by DeBlasio’s actions

    • 6:38pm, Yes, you are disgusting. Are you suggesting that if we had been “nicer” to Hitler he wouldn’t have murdered us?! In fact, if someone would have stood up to Hitler back in 1932, there was a realistic historical possibility that he wouldn’t have come to power – therefore, we need to stand up to Mayor Wilhelm and Governor Culomo now while we still can, or be burned again.

  2. Won the battle, lost the war situation?
    And put all 15 phones away, can only serve to instigate a tense situation.

    O gosh if the founding fathers were here to witness the stupidity of where America has fallen to…

    • Dear 10:53pm, what is “vilde” about a tiny miniscule action to address the socialist-fascist persecution of our people, a persecution that will grow exponentially if left unchecked, and an action that is barely a misdemeanor in a time when felonies are acceptable?! We don’t have a mitsva to be feeble-minded munchkins, but we do have a mitsva of defending Am H and Toras H. You, sir, are a traitor and an apikoires

  3. This not about the closed parks (in our neighborhoods), it is about the open ones in nearby areas. Double standard! Blatant hypocrisy!

  4. These shoytim should stop acting like spoiled brats and go do what Jews should be doing: Torah, Mitzvos, Chesed (the real kind).

  5. Under normal circumstances I would be a real “we’re in Golus -don’t fight with them” type of person but today I agree with Tischler and Yeger

    Fighting is the only language the government understands and the only chance for getting second hand citizen rights.

    This reminds me of the parks in Germany when Hitler first took over with the signs “Juden Verboton”

    I specifically went to two non-Jewish NYC neighborhoods yesterday to see if the rumors that the parks in non-Jewish neighborhoods are open are really true. One was mostly open except for a locked playground. The other was completely open .Playground included.

  6. ridiculous!! why are the police getting all frustrated with them?! do they not realize the double standard? down the block parks are open but in the jewish community its closed!! yeh were in galus but that doesnt mean we should continuously deal with the lies and craziness of the city, were allowed to stand up for ourselves just like the black people.
    Jewish Lives Matter!!

  7. It’s interesting that it is BLACK policemen on the case, and guess what the Jews, are not instigating violence, nor making it necessary for police to take strong measures.


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