Watch: The Truth About Lakewood, NJ and the Coronavirus with Boruch Perlowitz




  1. I applaud you for trying to cast a positive image. We all know that Lakewood gets enough bad press.
    I do however want to give some constructive critiques so that you can be more effective in the future.
    1. You are not careful with gloving up before touching the handles that literally every Bochur and Yungerlight in Lakewood touch. You in fact spread the disease to everything you touch including all the other shul handles, your phone, your car, your steering wheel etc.
    2. You do not care enough to fasten your seatbelt which only reinforces the message that safety is disregarded.
    3. You excuse the fact that people were out en masse during Purim when the alarm had been sounded in other communities days beforehand. Forward thinking people would have reacted sooner and literally prevented death when they could have.
    B’Hatzlacha and Besuros Tovos


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