Watch: The Viral Sullivan County Bus Driver Explains How She Was Inspired By Her Jewish Passengers And Shares More Of Her Story (BELAAZ)

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  1. Wow. What can you say? What a Kiddush Hashem! This lady is very special. Very good midos. She must of had a good upbringing as well. Can you post which camp this was and to which director we have to give a yasher koach?

  2. An Open Letter of Appreciation to Ann-Marie Barton

    My name is Yaakov Klein, and I am an author, lecturer, and educator teaching Torah as an Orthodox Jew. I hope you don’t mind me, a total stranger, reaching out to you in this way, but I felt I simply had to contact you to express my appreciation for your statements over the past few days.

    It is no secret that we live in an incredibly divisive culture, where a general sense of meaninglessness, purposelessness, and existential despair has led to anger and then to debilitating hatred. Historically, the collective anger of societies from the dawn of time has been focused toward the Jews, often ending in incredibly tragic results. Unfortunately, a national spirit of hatred has been steadily climbing in recent years and those with the moral compass and inner strength willing to stand up to it and go against the grain have been few and far between.

    I hope it is clear to you that a torch of heroism burns in your heart. To be able to swim against the tide in an ocean of tempestuous cynicism for the sake of goodness and the truth is to express an awesome amount of courage and kind-heartedness. It was simply incredible to watch as your words opened the floodgates for others, who may never have otherwise found the strength, to open up and share their experiences – to tell a tale so different than the narrative forced into the public consciousness.

    I want to publically thank you for your courage and honesty. May your shining example continue to inspire thousands around the world toward a greater spirit of mutual openness, love, and respect. God bless you, and may you have the most wonderful summer.

    Yaakov Klein

  3. The staff of that camp should go around giving lectures all over the place how they trained their campers to make such a good impression, and everyone should work hard at learning from them.

  4. What an intelligent kind-hearted woman she appears to be, it’s incredible to see her take notice of positivity and do something positive about it!! Keep it up and many thanks!!


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