WATCH THIS: David Schoen Tells Alan Dershowitz About Keeping The “Spirit Of Shabbos”

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  1. and i grew up with alan dershowitz. our families were friends. he comes from a normal american frum family and they are NOT proud of him. in the first book he wrote, ‘chutzpah’, he told his rebbi in MTA that he is an apikorus. his rebbi said: no. that cannot be., you are too much of an om ha’oretz to be an apikorus.

  2. There is so much that we don’t understand the ways of HKBH and what/why He does things. That being said, I think if we all took a step back, to listen to what David Schoen has to say, especially to Alan Dershowitz, we learn a lot.

    We even know that when Mr Schoen told the president he wasn’t going to be available over Shabbos, the president didn’t flinch because he had other people on his stuff who are Shomrei Shabbos. It’s well known in the Trump organization, that Shabbos is Shabbos (unfortunately they also know it’s different standards for different people, but hopefully that will change with the pressure and those people who have looser standards, will learn).

    One never knows.


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