Watch This: Democrats Deleting G-d from Congressional Proceedings



  1. Not one 2020 Democrat candidate had something to say after Israel fell under attack from over 500 missiles. However the some of their representatives are actually praising the enemy.
    Palestinian jihadis located in Gaza launched a blistering attack on Israel. The missile barrage led to death and destruction in the country.
    However the dust had yet to settle before Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib started supporting the attackers tweeting, “When will the world stop dehumanizing our Palestinian people who just want to be free?”
    Taking that as a cue, Rep. Ilhan Omar followed closely behind blaming Israel for the “occupation” of Gaza. Despite the fact that Israel vacated Gaza in 2005.

  2. Fox news loves to fool people. An uneducated viewer is their best customer.
    The exchange in the video has nothing to do with the headline or what this Fox idiot said.
    Witnesses are allowed to make an affirmation without the name of G-d.
    This is exactly what Frum Jews do in the courts every day.
    Are Frum Jews deleting G-d’s name from the courts?

    • Dear 10:58, with all your crooked reasoning, you fail to notice the bottom line: contemporary democratic party is militantly anti G-d. Any frum Jew supporting the DemonRats is either a fool or a traitor. Are A, B, or C all of the above?

  3. Dear CNN viewer whose ‘cheese slid off their cracker’, You have been duped for 2 years. The headline told the story, straight up. You have ‘finger licking’, sleazy, disrespectful Mr. Cohen, DemoRAT and Mr. Nader, DemoRAT nurtured the new, twisted, disrespect of our American Values. Period. They deleted God not once, but Nader made it twice, because he decided not to give the witnesses the opportunity to recite again with God included. PutZ.


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