WATCH THIS: DISGUSTING: Arabs Tease and Harass Disabled Charedi Employee at Supersol

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The mother of a disabled chareidi Supersol employee harassed by his Arab colleagues told Galei Tzahal radio that her son informed her about a month ago that they were abusing him.
“We would never have dreamed that it was on this level,” she remarked.
Meanwhile, footage, seen below, has been released of instances of the Arabs harassing him, backing up the victim’s claim.
Three suspects, including one resident of East Jerusalem, have been arrested.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The mother is the famous Mrs. Blau (very chashuv woman) That taught in Bnos Chava Seminary for years and other seminaries too. Very sad situation ; noone should fool themselves thinking that these arabs were just having light hearted fun. This was another way of doing Allahs will by demeaning a jewish neshama and physically abusing him. They smiled and laughed to cover it up as fun.

  2. Real Jew: dont generalize that all Arabs want 2 kill “us”. 3 Reasons: 1 not all Arabs are Muslims, 2 most Muslims are good and are not terrorists, or want to be terrorists, 3 its completely false

    • you can’t argue facts.. biblical facts, quran facts… in quran it’s written that the infidel has to die. In the torah and navi we have nevua about this all over. You are delusional with your comments. And stupid to have the confidence to write them publicly; with your name.

  3. Since you’re such an expert; I’m just wondering…this majority of good muslims, do they have a different girsa in the koran where it says that the muslims will fight the Jews on judgment day and the Jews will hide behind trees and rocks, and the trees and rocks will tell the muslims where to find them to kill them?
    Don’t be such an idiot.


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