Watch This: ESPN Anchor Says “Mentch Tracht, Gut Lacht” Regarding Kobe Bryant Death

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  1. Of course a kiddush hashem. And here’s why. It’s the recognition that Kobe Bryant who apparently was a symbol of כחי ועוצם ידי with all his “self made” stuff Is really all ביד ה like everything else. And when that gets recognized in public it’s a huge kiddush hashem. יכירו וידעו כל יושבי תבל. It’s moshiach times no doubt.

  2. Hashem doesn’t necessarily laugh at people’s plans. OTOH, He indeed runs the show and does what He decides.
    My father Z”L always said “Mentch Tracht, Gut Macht” = Man thinks (plans), G-d makes (acts)


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