Watch This: Five-Year-Old Dangles from 19th-Floor Balcony in China

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A little boy was rescued after he was found hanging on for dear life on the balcony railings of an 18th-floor flat in an apartment building in south-west China.

The five-year-old boy had apparently fallen from his 19th floor flat in Dazhou city on Friday and had somehow managed to grab onto the balcony grille one floor below as he plummeted down.

The little boy was spotted by the building’s janitor who immediately alerted security personnel and called emergency services. He was rescued in about eight minutes and was not hurt.



  1. No need for כף זכות here. Why would anyone in his right mind stand there and video this?? What a deranged individual!

  2. I hate to break it to you but we’re living in 2018 not 1918. Everything today gets videoed. Just remember the mishna Ayin Roeh.

  3. something like this happened a few months ago and the person who saw the child shimmied up the front of the bldg. i remember he said he had ni idea where the strength and courage came from

  4. Videoing when you can’t do anything okay though if I saw this I’d put myself underneath in the Hope’s I can catch this little boy if he were to fall.

    We need to video so that people see that there are good people who are helping people

  5. Also I think may be the people video and send to emergency personnel and it may be useful to locate the place and/or to think of way of access so no time is lost when they arrive.


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