WATCH THIS: Frum Jew in Boro Park Gets Assaulted – And Then NYPD Arrests Him for Defending Himself

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On Shabbos afternoon, a Jew in Boro Park, Brooklyn, was assaulted by a non-Jew, who tried to choke him. The victim responded in self-defense and beat back the attacker, according to witnesses at the scene.

The NYPD responded to the scene and then, inexplicably, arrested both the attacker and the victim.

Local residents pleaded with the cops to let the victim go, but the officers obstinately refused, pushing pack on the crowds and forcing the victim into a patrol vehicle. is told that an investigation is underway.



  1. Sad that the NYPD, who’s got no backing and no respect from City Hall should at least respect the citizenry and hope for their support. Instead they’d rather lose that too.

  2. These filthy donut eaters are NOT our friends. Stop honoring them. Stop respecting them. They don’t respect us. The donut eaters and their worthless superiors won’t protect or defend us, so at least let us defend ourselves. Where are our “elected” officials, to protest on our behalf?

  3. In defense of New York law enforcement officials, they were simply following the example of a few former US Presidents, who ordered the US Military to use maximum restraint on the battlefield when under attack. Just because someone is choking you, doesn’t mean you have to fight back; you can try to tickle him, or make a corny joke to see if that will loosen his grip. Another solution I would strongly recommend for Boro Park residents is for them to rub some oil on their necks before Shabbos. This will make it difficult fort their assailants to get a good grip on the necks, as their hands will be sliding all over their victim’s necks.
    Ultimately, it’s up to the victims to ask themselves, do they want to follow their attackers example by reciprocating with force, or do they want to calmly extract themselves from danger by using maximum restraint techniques, like the tickling maneuver? I would definitely go the “tickling” or “oil” route. These maximum restraint techniques will also save you the trouble of being handcuffed and hauled off to the police station on Shabbos.
    Let’s not forget the old and wise adage that says: “A tickle a day keeps the attackers and the handcuffs away.”

  4. NY becoming like the UK where the Muslims and other immigrants can assault as much as they want and the victims or reporters get arrested, while the government and media are covering it up.

  5. Yes, I feel sick too. It sounds like what used to go on in Germay 80 years ago! The Yidden are always guilty, just for walking in the streets. Unfortunately we are in Galus.
    We need to inquire what actually transpired and if the police acted irrationally we need to all stand together and bring them to justice. I am sure that the askonim in BP are gathering footage to help make a case.
    If the person attacked would have been a person of color (dare I say what color!!!) We would have heard it all over the news and we would have had an independent council called to look into the situation to take action against the police officers. Now we will sit by and praise those gangsters who treat us with disdain. (I am not referring to all officers, every group has a couple of rotten apples. Thanks to those officers who do use logic and respect when on the job)
    It is not protocol to handcuff and cart away a person who is wanted for questioning in regard to an assault. If you look at that cop, the female of color (again, dare I say what color. Why I may not is beyond my comprehension. There is nothing derogatory about that. It is a description of her skin color so I can differentiate between the cops at the scene). She really thought she was in danger and needed to push him in with such achzurious!!!
    I hope it all works out well and anyone that acted inappropriately is bought to justice.

  6. These cops are BULLIES! Period!

    They joined the “force” so they can dictate people…

    Lawsuit is the ONLY answer…

    The cops involved should be fired!!!

    We need the same protest that the Bobov Rebbe Zt’l Called upon the BP residents to go and protest on shabbos about 40 years ago after a yid was killed in BP…

    Many people still remember it. I was a child and I remember it. Police cars were turned over….

    Things change for the better after that…

    • Whoa! Chill! I too remember the protest in BP 40 years ago, and I was not a child then; I was an adult. As a matter of fact I was right in middle of the fray, and I can tell you that you got your facts quite wrong.

      First of all the Bobover Rebbe definitely did NOT call for the protest; I know; I davened in Bobov that Shabbos morning. That was the reason for the whole fiasco. People went from shul to shul asking that everyone should gather at the police station after davening. There was indeed a rumor that the Bobover Rebbe called for the protest, but it a complete fabrication. there were actually few Bobover Chassidim present at the police station.

      A large crowd gathered at the 66th precinct, but there was no program and everyone did whatever they felt like doing. I followed a number of people into the station , thinking that maybe their was something organized inside. Not so. I spied Samuel Hirsch, the NY State Assemblyman from Boro Park. He was pacing back and forth behind a cordoned off space, looking quite agitated, but there was no one addressing the crowd. I heard some people calling out, demanding to speak to the Captain, but the police completely ignored the entire situation. From where I was situated I was able to peer into a casement window that opened to the basement. I saw some police officers nonchalantly playing cards. The people were angry and frustrated. They felt theta the Jewish community was farmed like a crop , Dump fertilizer on them and they will provide for the fat cats, politicians and police alike.

      At some point people just started trashing the police station. When I saw that, I hightailed it out there as quickly as I could. (I’m not very brave.)

      In truth that day was not something to be proud of.. We were a mob and we behaved like one. The police response when it came was sudden and brutal. Sam Hirsch attempted to deescalate the situation and all he got for is troubles was police club brought down his head . He staggered out of the station , his suit ripped to shreds and blood pouring down his face. He pleaded with everyone to go home and it just didn’t feel like fun anymore The crowd dwindled away as police helicopters hovered above. Reinforcements came from other precincts and the police cars just drove right into the crowd. Let me tell you, it was a miracle no one got hurt. (Of course 80 police officers took sick leave the following week, nonetheless.)

      There was an extensive investigation the following week . The police commended themselves on their professionalism. and two people were arrested: Sam Hirsh and a lawyer by the name of Mark Landesman who six officers identified from photographs taken from above. Sam Hirsch was released when it was found that he tried his best to quell the riot. Charges against Mark Landesman were dropped when he showed that he was actually in Chicago that Shabbos. Great detective work by New York’s finest, huh?

      The bottom line is that police for the most part are brutal people who actually enjoy inflicting violence on others. That’s why they became cops, for the power trip it gives them. It should give one pause at the same to reflect that perhaps, just perhaps, African Americans do actually have a legitimate gripe and that they indeed are sometimes treated unfairly by police.

  7. I just emailed the nyc police commissioner. Main points were in climate of anti semitism, there needs to be more assurence of our safety and ability to defend ourselves from the nypd. i asked him to address this specific incident. if we all start petitioning for that, hopefully it will be addressed and we’ll get answers

  8. 8 cops, hundreds of Yidden. Why didnt we do something then, when we had the chance, instead of moaning about it afterwards. We could have prevented them from taking a Yid, but we did nothing. So who is to blame?? Create a ruckus, grab the Avreich, hide him till Monday when he can go in with a lawyer. Simple, But no–easier to kvetsch about it afterwards. Our people have become too complacent and comfortable here in America, all talk and no action.

    • Aha. So what you’re saying is that the hundreds of people should of assaulted the 8 officers and everything would of worked out fine.
      You are forgetting what these evil cowards did to Gedione Bush for his crime of being mentally challenged. These NYPD beasts gunned him down like a worthless dog, execution style, in cold blood, right in the heart of Boro Park! If these chevra would of assaulted even one of these prima-donna’s, they would of drawn their guns and killed as many Yidden as the they could. The cops are not our friends. Shame on all our “heimishe” elected officials who sit on their hands and allow this abuse by their beloved NYPD to continue!

      • Are we not allowed Mechallel Shabbos to free a captive. So if we overwhelmed the cops in one move, took their guns, whisked away the captive, dropped their guns down the sewer grates, and then vanished into the multitudes, all in the space of 2 minutes, by then there would be nobody left to shoot when back up with more guns arrived. Think for yourself, Yid!! Don’t let fear of others control you.

  9. To paraphrase LBJ

    If the police have lost the support and trust of the frum community then they have lost the support and trust of America

  10. The problem is we vote Democrat’s. You will see during election time how the filthy democratic jew hating politicians like Nadler,Schumer and the rest of the bums come looking for votes. They have big mouths against Trump but they fold like cheap cameras against Omar AOC and the rest the squad. We must outvote every Democrat.

    • Our Party affiliation and who we vote for has no effect on how these lowly cops abuse the masses. These are the same lifetime cops that work in the same precinct regardless of who the Mayor is. Do you think that when a new Mayor comes to town, suddenly all cops are fired and brand new ones are brought in, handpicked by the Mayor? It just so happens, the greatest abuse by the cops happened under the Giuliani administration when he had that bum Howard Safir as police commissioner. I still remember the police brutality against Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, and Gideon Bush.

  11. People in the video did try to speak up. Doing anything irrational can get him and others into trouble. We are talking about felony charges against an officer. We should call a protest at the police station. If anyone knows what the results have been so far, please update it. If the yid was indeed an innocent victim, we need to call for a full scale protest outside to police station. It should be orderly but loud and mass volume of people. The schools and yeshiva’s should also join in a civil but enormous turnout would talk volumes.
    Let’s hear if Misaskim or Shomrim, who are always saying they are here for us!, put something together within 24 hours. Put our donations to GOOD USE!

    • OOOOH Trouble!!!! That was the mindset in Nazi Germany. And look what happened. Look, If 500 people had taken back the guy (against his will, wink wink) and whisked him away, and then disappeared, who were the stormtroopers gonna arrest. Or even if all 500 stuck around and fought, it would have been such a big national balagan that the Feds would have gotten involved and then something would finally get done. Can you imagine if a group of 500 citizens had started fighting with police with no weapons. If anyone got shot, the entire police force would have gone under receivership and finally something could be done about the injustices. Stop being scared of the government’s talking points.

  12. We should all send an online message to NYPD police commissioner voicing our concern and outrage at what happened and how police acted. there is a website. It shouldbe bombarded with messages about this. it is very bad.

  13. In Flatbush was similar story when a not Jewish person attacked a Jewish lady and the cops didn’t do nothing to the person that attacked and even assisted the attacker in filing harassment suit against the victim who was assaulted I usually respect the officers but I’m shocked of the story


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