WATCH THIS: KIDDUSH HASHEM: Puerto Rican Woman Describes How Frum Lakewood Resident Helped Her During Her Time of Need

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  1. Great, thanks Mrs. Gonzales, and kudos to volunteer Aaron!

    P.S. Perhaps some of the details toward the end should be edited out.

  2. We should always try to help, and have true compassion for all our fellow Human Beings, whether it’s a Jew or a Non-Jew, whether there is a Kiddush Hashem or it’s done anonymously. The sole objective should be, just to help our fellow Human Being.

  3. What a Kiddush Hashem! Please delete the ending where she gives her number and address. Unfortunately, one never knows who is watching.

  4. What a beautiful sentiment! Please do delete her personal information from the end, for her own protection and safety!

  5. He should should not even have suggested a donation address, the whole thing should have been done money consideration free completely , for kiddush hashem purposes.

    Also , no one needs her address and phone number.


  6. Why did you have to call her a “Puerto Rican woman”? Couldn’t you have just said a “grateful woman”? Why stir up hatred?

  7. Will she also pay off this guy’s mortgage like Trump did some 25 years ago to a religious Jew (I believe, from Williamsburg) who helped him change a flat tire?

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