WATCH THIS: Rep. John Lee Ratcliffe Tears into Mueller

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  1. So why can’t these same Republicans get anything done in Washington!? There’s so much energy and so many powerful people! What’s broken there?

    • What’s broken? You. Do you expect fake news to tell you what President Trump and his alliance are actually doing and have been doing for over 2 years, like the thousands of arrests, executions, etc.

  2. They got what they wanted done.
    They gave a Trillion dollar tax break to millionaires and they protect Trump from being impeached.
    They tried to take away healthcare from millions but did not succeed.

    • Let’s get this straight; when dems say that if you take off Obamacare and make another plan millions will be uninsured, they mean that millions will not be forced to buy insurance and may now decide that it’s not to their own self benefit to pay for health insurance.
      So saying “They tried to take away healthcare from millions,” is like forcing everyone to pay for private jets and then when practical people come to remove the law saying “They tried to take away peoples private jets.”
      In short what you said is ridiculous.

  3. All this could of been avoided had the rino Jeff Sessions done what he was being paid by the taxpayers to do. He is so dumb, he didn’t know that the Republicans had the White House, Senate, & Congress. He honestly thought that his boss was Adam Schiff. His pea brain thought that Adam Schiff was the commander in chief. I truly hope and pray that Jeff the coward’s worst fears come true, that he gets arrested and imprisoned.

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