WATCH THIS: Woman Refuses to Sign Broken Tail Light Citation – And Chaos Results

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Upset over an $80 ticket for a broken tail light, a 65-year-old Oklahoma woman refused to sign the citation, locking herself inside her truck before driving off, sparking a pursuit with the police officer who had pulled her over.

Debra Hamil is now facing a felony charge of assault on a police officer as well as a charge for misdemeanor resisting arrest over the incident which took place last Tuesday in Cashion, Oklahoma. If she had taken the ticket to court, it would most likely would have been dropped to $20 [KOKO News5].



  1. The donut eaters are completely out of control. Yup, this WHITE 65 year old Country girl posses a tremendous threat to those around her. The terrorists can roam freely in our Sanctuary Cities but if G-d forbid someone has a burnt out light bulb, she should be burned at the stake. We the sheeple have allowed our government to become a complete Police State. You idiots are arguing over some stupid vaccination when every right and freedom you’ve enjoyed for the last 200+ years have been stripped from you. Idiots. Just take your flu shots and enter the cattle cars. It’s hot outside so showers will be given upon arrival. We must trust our government to control our lives. Rodents like Schiff & Nadler know better than us how to live our lives. The police know better than us. My frog knows better than us. Good bye America

    • Oh so now you have to bring your anti vacation nonsense in here. While I do believe many things our government does is wrong. Since when is taking a vaccine that will prevent certain diseases comparable to what the nazi’s yemach shemam did. Your entitled to your view on vaccines. however don’t ever compare the fact that you may have to take them against your wishes at the advice of rabbonim to what the nazi’s did. It takes a lot to get me unhinged but to compare vaccines to gas chambers!!!!!!! Are you sick. Until now I thought that anti vaxxers were normal people who are unaware or miss informed about vaccines now I see that they are crazy. On the contrary maybe you who follow the anti vacation options are like the people who went with the nazi’s and didn’t do anything to save themselves. If you take a vaccine you can prevent many illnesses that if you don’t you are many more times likely to contract and if you do you can die. 1 in 50 who contract rubella die ( that is the r in the mmr).

  2. The officer could have simply told her that he has to arrest those who don’t sign off that they received the ticket or who he refused the ticket. Then, after the warning, ask her again if she is refusing the ticket with its consequences, or if she will take the ticket. She should get equal treatment to a person of African descent.

    • I’m not sure what your last sentence has to do with anything, but I agree 100% with the rest of your post. The woman probably thought that by signing she was admitting guilt (instead of realizing she was just acknowledging receipt of the ticket), so she refused to sign. She should not have driven away, but the cop was a provocative bully at several points where he could have de-escalated the situation: 1) He could have explained as you suggested. 2) He could have allowed her to sign once she said “All right, I’ll sign”. 3) He had no need to throw her to the ground. 4) He had no need to Tase her.

      He may be able to defend each of the actions he took as being “By the Book”, but anyone with eyes can see there was no need for him to do what he did.

  3. What kind of psycho police officers does this country have?

    If she doesn’t want to sign it, who cares? she still gets the ticket let her fight it in court.
    Drawing a gun for what?

  4. In NY and NJ I never heard of having to sign a ticket. Why didn’t she just take the ticket? Her light was out after all. Anyway the cop was being unreasonable and really nasty. Who was videoing this?

  5. These comments are ridiculous. The police officer was professional and followed protocol throughout the entire video. No one (except Hillary Clinton) is above the law, including this 65 year old woman.

  6. If someone in Oklahoma doesn’t sign a ticket in front of the officer giving it to them, that’s enough of a warrant for an arrest?! So that means any officer can concoct any false accusation against an innocent victim or plant something in their car and then when the person protests and refuses to sign, they get arrested?! What about the right to remain silent? It doesn’t apply in Oklahoma? When I see government overreach in Oklahoma like the video you’ve posted it leads me to believe that there are many more Timothy McVeigh’s out there waiting to react.

  7. You all missed the point and this clip was wasted on you. Apparently, you are not any smarter than the foolish lady in this clip.

    The takeaway here is thst you ALWAYS need to follow a cop’s instructions. The cop was 100% in the right, by telling her that she is under arrest for not following his instructions and for getting in the way of his enforcing the law, by not signing that she received the citation.

    Actually, this cop didn’t start with attitude towards her. So in the end, even though she foolishly resisted arrest and tried to flee, he was actually quite gentle with her, considering.

    If you see a cop STARTS OUT with attitude, then you BETTER listen, or you may REALLY get hurt!

    • All your ideological theoretical hypothetical pontificating are all nice and good when it happens to someone else but when it happens to YOU, you’ll be singing a different tune. You sound like a classic arrogant elitist kiss-up sanctimonious ignorant dummy.

    • The point I took from this clip and the point you are making is that cops are obnoxious bullies who you don’t ever start up with because they have the upper hand.

      It wasn’t wasted on me.

      There are plenty of good cops out there but the days when I was naive enough to give cops the benefit of the doubt are long over.

      When it comes to fighting an elderly woman who clearly doesn’t pose a threat to them, cops are all tough. When it comes to fighting actual crime and criminals it is a completely different story.

  8. i beg to differ. how does her behavior differ from guys pouring pails of water on cops? while he overreacted her reaction to being issued a ticket was certainly stupider

  9. In response to the commenter “pay attention” you write a whole lovely rant about how and why you must always listen & comply to a police officers demands yet you fail to address the previous comments question as to why one must sign a document handed to them by the police… please answer the questions at hand before getting all worked up! Ps #Relax!!

    • A good police officer would have said politely and firmly, ma’am if you don’t sign the ticket I will have no choice but to arrest you, a bad cop says sorry – to late you can’t sign now, I’m arresting you. Shame on him, there are plenty of good police officers out there, he’s not one of them.

  10. I am not familiar with the procedures in Oklahoma. But I assume that signing it is not an admission of guilt, only an admission that the citation was issued, as I already implied in my previous comment.

    Was the officer too quick to be ready to arrest her? Perhaps. Perhaps he should have told her that she is required by law to sign the citation as proof that it was issued, and that if she doesn’t, then she may be arrested.

    But cops don’t react well to defiant behavior, and she was being defiant. She wasn’t even questioning the procedure of signing the citation. She refused to sign because she didn’t WANT the citation that the cop was giving her.
    Cops don’t like being trifled with.


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