Watch: To Prevent Accidental Injury, Chosson Under Chupah Breaks Glass Cup With Hammer

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  1. Permissible?
    מנהג אבותינו בידינו.
    There’s great spiritual and kabbalistic significant to using your foot not a hammer. I question this.
    However מה שעבר עבר
    May the newlyweds build a home on the foundations of Torah and Mitzvos. Binyan adei ad. Mazal Tov. Much nachas

  2. Someone asks Rav Shach zt”l if he can make bedikas chametz with a flashlight for safety? He answered, “How did your father and grandfather do it? With a candle? Continue this way.”

  3. His premarital class coach told him that if he fights with his Kallah, to make sure to hammer it out before the wedding dinner starts.

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