WATCH: Tom River Honors Man Who Rescued Eisdorfer Baby In Fatal Minivan Crash

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William Copes was honored at tonight’s Toms River Township council meeting, recognizing his heroic rescue of a baby trapped in an overturned vehicle.

The baby was a child of R’ Yacov Dovid and lhbcl”c Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer a”h, who was tragically killed in an accident. Read the original Matzav report here.

WATCH a video clip of tonight’s award ceremony:



  1. Here is the link for those that would still like to donate on the Go fund me web site for the Eisdorfer Orphans:

    In the zechus of your generosity, may you be zoche to a kasher and freilichen Pesach!

  2. very sad. R Eisdorfer appears to be so strong! May hashem give him koach and for his children mostly to withstand the lifelong inner struggle that goes along with loosing a mother….


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