Watch: Trump Gets a Tallis and “Jewish Bible” From Black Pastor Yesterday

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After Donald Trump finished his speech to a congregation of black people in a Detriot church yesterday, the church’s pastor, Bishop Wayne Jackson, draped a tallisĀ over Trump’s shoulders, much to the crowd’s delight, and handed him a Jewish Heritage Study Bible.

“This is a prayer shawl straight from Israel. Whenever you’re flying from coast to coast – I know you just came back from Mexico and you’ll be flying from city to city – there is an anointing. And anointing is the power of God,” Jackson said. “It’s going to be sometimes in your life that you’re going to feel forsaken, you’re going to feel down, but the anointing is going to lift you up. I prayed over this personally and I fasted over it, and I wanted to just put this on you.”




  1. The Jewish Heritage Study Bible is a goyishe publication. It is used by xtians to study their new stuff and also teaches them a goy’s views and interpretations of “Judaism” combined with the King James version of the goy bible. Nish far inzerer menshen.

  2. I don’t get it. What denomination? Any relation to those Black “Hebrews”? I wonder what Trump’s son-in-law would have to say about this, hehe

    • School’s starting soon – I can hardly wait for you to learn some English. Till then, save your comments and spare us!!! Thanks.

    • Dear Anonymous (2:47 pm) who says:
      “Goal for the christian today is to beg the jewish feelings out of society.
      Careless Trump is not getting my vote.

      Would you kindly translate your comment into a human language.

  3. Commish you got it wrong. The Jewish heritage study bible is not based on the King James Bible. It is based of the Jewish Publication Society (JPS), translation. There is no New Testament in this book nor are there any Christian interpretations. This bible is clearly not aimed at Christian traditionalism rather modern academic scholarship combined with rabbinic interpretations . It is published by Oxford university press. Definitely not artscroll.

    • You are reffering to “The Jewish Study Bible” which is a JPS Jewish publication. The “Jewish Heritage Study Bible” is completely different. It is a xtian bible with references to Jewish Holidays and Practices and many photos of “Holy Places” in Israel. It is a goyishe book.

      This goyish publication has a youtube video describing what it really is. Here is a link to the youtube video describing this Jewish Heritage Study Bible with Dr. Everette Gaddy:

      The goyim try to trick us into buying their missionary garbage about the dead Jew on a stick.


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