Watch: Trump Mocks John Kasich’s Eating Habits: “Like a Slob,” “Not Presidential”

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Donald Trump couldn’t get over John Kasich’s eating habits at a rally in West Chester University of Pennsylvania yesterday. Here he ridicules Kasich for his table manners.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Asinine politics.

    Trump is indecent.

    Fold in his fork himself. He yearns only for new hate.

    Kasich is friendly. Lets hope his fork is used in good honor. He never tries to create chaos by just having liberty.

    Trump is never happy and there is always something to limit his given kingdom of negative promise.

    Give anyone credit happy days if they dine with Kasich. Misery is not a table partner who might mind your conversation.

    Trump other than joy is his own magical ego. The fork is not the ballot box and trump is making the job of president look like underscored hate.

    We need competent leaders and Mr. Kasich’s big bite might not be his dirty ego.

    Laugh at this one. He who eats well can dwell in peace.

    Hands off Washington, Trump.

  2. Hm, only part of my reply came through. Maybe I should try again.
    And I’m sure that after Trump taught his ben zekunim to eat in small bites he taught him that there are even worse things than stuffing your face, like bragging about your moral degeneracy in your memoirs and being a Machiavellian bully who doesn’t talk about ideas but mocks his opponents.


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