Watch: Trump Reshapes US On World Stage

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President Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel as he announces move of US embassy and pulls out of a global pact on migration and refugees.




  1. “The most important thing about the agenda of the Illuminati is what it has led to in our day and age. The answer is “The New World Order.” The NWO is the agenda to make the entire world a one world communist government and one world currency with the global elite (richest people on Earth; bankers, Wall Streeters, leaders, the monarchy, industrialists, etc) owning the entire world and everything in it. That means that the people would no longer own anything, but would be slaves to the elite to get all the work done.”

    “This Top Secret order was continued by the presidents up to Obama. One caveat was that President Reagan had as his Vice President, Gog Bush, Sr, who was already implementing his agenda for the evil New World Order. As president, he officially announced it in 1991 to the world in his famous speech. ”

    “The group has been spearheaded by Gog Bush, Sr and his cabal. The Bilderberg Group is a collection of 120 to 150 of the most diabolical people on Earth. They are the wealthiest, most powerful, most cynical people on Earth who want to carry out the agenda of the Illuminati.”

  2. Peter Schurman is talking about One Global “Democracy”, in a borderless world, like beheimos and chayos who don’t have borders and do whatever they want. In short, he wants the law of the jungle, hefker, with the strong powerful ones at the top.

  3. They’re so into hefkeirus, they think they can do whatever they want; your money belongs to me and everyone else. Now that gender neutrality was taken care of, murdering babies taken care of, the next step is equality in the world, just like the Dor Haflagah.

  4. Your hadline is: Trump Reshapes US On World Stage. That is a correct headline, he is reshaping the US from having allies to be alone without friends. Mazel Tov!


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