Watch: Trump Says He’s Winning, Dems and Media Using Phony Polls

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Pollsters and the Dems are using phony info to mislead Americans, says Donald Trump. Former White House political director Scott Jennings goes ‘On the Record’ discuss this matter.




  1. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Trump.

    Cnn uses 70 percent Democrats and 20 percent Republicans and 10 percent independent when they create a poll. Is that even fair??!

  2. When you see how corrupt these politicians and media are, you know you can’t trust them on their phoney polling. Whoever I speak to tell me they are voting Trump. Even florida is waking up now and Trump is four points ahead.

  3. Cat and Penny game.

    The idea that the polls are that far off might be real, but the reality is that even the Wall Street Journal noted he is way behind.

    The creative see that the cat might eventually choke here. Can we finally assume that November 8th is the day that America will get more friendly voiced hope? I can think that Trump zero is coming to town.


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