Watch: Trying to Brush it Aside, Hillary Calls Cash to Iran “Old News”

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  1. she is a bald faced lair! The FBI director NEVER said she was telling the truth! Indeed, he said that what she said was “NOT FACT,”! With all of the foreign money she takes from Brunei, Saudi Arabia, and others she is the LAST one to discuss undue influences and phony ethics.

  2. so are her emails and Benghazi… Do you just forget everything? Maybe lets forget the holocaust too – that’s old news…

  3. Whatever she’s done wrong is in the past whatever she’s done right supposedly is worth hearing about again and again concerning around we should be happy if we pushed him off by a couple years and concerning. Global warming We should take away all your freedom because Of what might supposedly happen 40 years from now
    All I can say is whatever drug she’s taken let me have some of it


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