Watch: Tucker: Fauci Seems To Forget Masks Are Important

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  1. Don’t forget that Fauci first announced on air and advised President Trump that corona was a flu -like disease , not to worry, eat and enjoy parties at will.
    He’s a dangerous man.

  2. I usually like Tucker, but I think he a little guilty of fake news here.

    He is exaggerating this taking it completely out of context. For all you know Dr. Fauci took off his mask for 2.5 seconds. You cannot tell from a picture. If he was just taking a drink of water as he claims, you can’t say he is a hypocrite for a few seconds of not keeping his rule. Its like the police in Eretz Yisroel with that little girl who got in trouble.

    • Drinking water? As noted on another site, the picture show Fauci’s hands playing with his device and the bottle is tucked away.

  3. Waiting for the day cops will start pulling people over in their private cars for not wearing masks as they do with seatbelts. It’s all a power grab. Forcing others to obey your laws while you do not. Nothing new here except that Fauci was supposed to be an MD not a politician.

    • No need to wear a mask while in the car. Unless, you have passengers, who don’t belong to your immediate family.

  4. Fauci knows the truth like most politicians. Just like the CDC and WHO, Facui said that masks do not protect against the virus.


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