Watch: Tucker: Left Using Language Of Total War – And It’s Scary

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Tucker: The message is clear: The Left doesn’t consider its political opponents fellow citizens, or even human. How long before they start openly calling for violence? In the case of Maxine Waters, it won’t be the first time. In 1992, she cheered as racist mobs burned Los Angeles. We’re quickly approaching the point of no return.




  1. More fake news from mainstream media
    Maxine Waters (why isn’t this racist instigator arrested yet?) is the “unchallenged new face of the democratic party” when hardly 3 dozen people showed up at her rally.

    On the other hand, Fake News is covering up that President Trump had 9,000 people attending his rally in Minnesota a few days ago with 60% of them Democrats and Independent. This should tell us what real Democrats think of their leaders.

  2. The President needs to get the military out to stop the violence of these deranged Leftists afflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. In the meantime, it’s time for the civilian population to be armed.


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