Watch: Tucker: Where Was Flake When Obama Attacked Fox?

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Pres. Obama attacked press freedom for years. No wonder guys like Jeff Flake loath Trump. He called their bluff. Suddenly Republicans have all the power. For the first time in decades, they could actually do what voters have consistently asked for. But they don’t want to, mostly because their donors don’t want them to.




  1. Well its funny. I remember in 1991 when the Kuwaiti Invasion and Bombing of Baghdad was going on, CNN was all watched and all good.

    Can we just put down the fake creeds? This is still America.

    • Apparently you enjoy living in the past. Many things have changed in the world since 1991. What was good then, is not necessarily good now. It’s the same with the reverse.

      • Grogger king, CNN is the same investment and faces we know. Little guess one who is critical is not the world.

        Think Strong America. It is better than Great.

        We strengthen by liberty and NOT populism.

        There is a curse.


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