Watch: Tucker: Why Won’t The FBI Answer Basic Questions On Russia?

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Tucker’s Thoughts: Here are questions we should be asking about the Russia scandal – Was the Trump dossier illegal? Why was the FBI involved in this? Did the Clinton campaign collude with Russia?




  1. The FBI has now been totally exposed for the corruption of the past 9 years. Why won’t Trump, as President of the United States, do something about it to right the sinking ship????? Does he expect the equally corrupt Congress, led by the all powerful, Adam Schiff, to do the peoples work?! All Trump did was replace Comey with pretty boy Wray.
    Trump has failed us. He hasn’t drained the swamp, one iota. The FBI is still working feverishly to protect the American citizens by raiding Orthodox schools to make sure their computers are up to date. Oh wow. I feel so secure now. Who are the idiots? WE the people! WE the taxpayers! WE are the idiots!

    • Agree, Trump has failed by not draining the swamp and the FBI and CIA are corrupt to the core.

      All the Democrats in the Congress and Senate, Obama, the FBI and CIA, should be investigated!


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