Watch: Turx Goes on CNN

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Mr. Jake Turx Turkeltaub, the reporter who irked President Donald Trump with a question about anti-Semitism, went on CNN and said he remains hopeful that the White House will meet with Jewish leaders.




  1. mr turkeltaub…firstly, why can’t you use your real name? why “turx”?. secondly, why are you going on CNN, the most anti trump station around? most of what they report is fake news. by appearing on that biased station, you are only going to dsplease the president even more and make him believe that he did not, in fact, misunderstand you. i don’t understand your seichel in agreeing to be interviewed by them. i wonder if rabbi frankfurter agrees with what you’re doing. oh, and one more thing: what is this meshugas with having your twitter acct embroidered on your yarmulke? it just makes you look that much more unprofessional.

  2. Somebody get him away please.

    Anti Semitic acts rose big time during the Obama administration. Just go look at all colleges, Facebook, and other social media and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

    What Turx should have told the CNN that the left is the force behind the rise of anti Semitic acts. They stick up for Muslim terror… the lefty self hating Jew reporter who CNN was referring to, put the blame on trump by adding that his administration has created a racist phobia…

    Trump did not smash him enough in my humble opinion.

    Do u remember theIstaeli left said that BIBI was putting Israel in danger by disagreeing with Obama. And yet they have no problem if false accusations against President Trump and make him angry. I thought they care about the polite of Israel!!!

    They are full of trash.

    Turx made a huge mistake and going on CNN now shows that his judgment is way off, we cannot have him represent the orthodox community.

    • If he would have said those things on cnn, they would have cut him off severing the satellite connection as they have done countless times before when opponents of their view try to express themselves.

  3. He just sounds more and more silly every time he talks. He is just embarrassing himself which means embarrassing all of us. He STILL cannot articulate his question. Someone help put this guy out of his misery.

  4. I cant believe this ! i was from those that that felt turx is simply not experienced enough and therefor came across in way the the president misunderstood him. Now i see he is a real fool. why are you going on CNN??????????
    the guy is wording his wquestion to you in a way that makes you look like an anti trump guy???
    You ought to stay out of the white house. you are a shame for us

  5. Chevra
    My post is coming out with a story Sunday or Monday from the jewish democrats for Trump showing Orthodox Jews supported Trump.

  6. How does this fellow have the chutzpah to act as if he is representing orthodox Jewry?! We are blessed with askonim who deal with sensitive matters in a sensitive way and we do not need nor do we want him representing us in his clown costume. I call on people to come to their senses before it is too late. Orthodox Jewry has no need for a white house reporter period. PLEASE STOP HIM!!! This is not a game

  7. This is so ridiculous that people feel the need to personally attack Mr. Turx. He is a professional reporter who is smart highly intelligent, and extremely accomplished. Has anyone given pause to realize he’s a frum bearded chasidishe White House correspondent for one of our own community publications. I don’t see any correspondents from any other sects of the Jewish religous media spectrum there and that’s is a good thing for our community.

    The incident is laughable how plainly misunderstood Mr. Trump was on the question, and it’s simply inconceivable for people to bash Mr. Turx for going on national programs (Yes – millions of people actually watch CNN) to explain with dignity and extreme respect and restraint, what his intended question and message was; thereby giving further platform and spotlight to the concerning rise of anti-Semitism in the country, (To which no one is attributing to the President himself – So deep breath everyone!).

    He (Mr. Turx), hasn’t uttered a singular word of criticism or disrespect to the man who totally misconstrued and embarrassed him for no reason on live television and that is not only admirable and garnering high marks of respect but also giving him extra credibility and I’m sure appreciation from the White House communications office.

    The fact that you don’t like his yarlmuka, or style, or “look”, doesn’t matter. He sits alongside the rest of the national media correspondents and is treated equally and is judged not his wardrobe lifestyle but by the content of his character and the quality and legitimacy of his work.

    A gut voch.

  8. Didn’t anyone else notice that this time his Yarmulka was plain black? I think he might be reading the comments on matzav. 🙂

  9. An incredible disaster.

    I like Turx. But this job is not for him and he’s an embarrassment to us all.

    I will never buy stuff he writes again. I hope they go out of business so that this child can never step foot into the White House again.

    So unprofessional. Not well spoken at all. The interviews Turx has given since the incident have made him look worse – not better. He needs to learn how to speak a coherent sentence that is articulate and to the point.

  10. This pompous fool, whose sole agenda now appears to be self promotion, should be shown the door as quickly as possible, before he not only shows to the whole already-biased media that frum Jews are idiots, but makes the president into an enemy.

  11. Turx asked a perfectly acceptable question.
    Trump is no doubt better for the Jews than his predecessor was, but he is unfortunately short tempered and unpredictable. The question was not about him personally but he seemed to read it that way, I don’t think the reporter should be blamed for that…

  12. the bottom line is that the CNN interviewer did a classic job in turning the interview into another attack on Trump. By asking him ‘were you surprised?’, he turmed the Turkey against Trump.

    In any event we are supposed to fly below the radar and getting up there with a beard and payos and yarmulke isnt necessarily the smartest move.

  13. Turx got his rambling 5 minutes of fame at the press conference and wants to stretch it to a full 15 minutes. The more he talks the bigger chance he has of sticking his foot in his mouth.

  14. If you are representing the frum community please make a kidush hashem in the way you look and the way you speak. This is a chilul hashem!

  15. Represents “us”?
    Was Turx on the ballot? I don’t remember seeing his name when I stepped into the voting booth. Why must he keep repeating in every interview he goes on, the words “my community”? We don’t hear other professional reporters say “my community”. What’s it anyone’s business what community you come from? You are a reporter and you ask questions. You don’t “represent” anyone other than the magazine you work for


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