Full Video: Turx Handles Fox News Interview Gracefully

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Mr. Jake Turx and NPR’s Mara Liasson, two reporters called on by the president, reflected on President Donald Trump’s press conference tonight on Fox News.




  1. If Mr Turks wants to join the leftist Trump bashing, he should not do it all dressed up in the levush – he is creating a tremendous Darkei Sholom problem for the entire frum community. Mr Turks, please either trim your beard, peyos and wear a baseball cap or step away from the Washington politics, and go back to writing ridiculous articles. Whatever your issues are, don’t ruin our community’s relationship with the most pro Jewish President in recent history. Mr Turks, if the spot light is your life’s desire, do it on your own, not by using the Yidishe Levush to stand out from the crowd.

  2. Is Turx really a right winger or is he merrily walking back his original comments /intentions? B”H I don’t read any of those kinds of magazines so I have no idea what he reports/spins about.
    I remember seeing a video on this website with Turx & Lipa together at an Obama Chanukah party and a different video of Lipa interviewing Turx on one of his Yiddish speaking skits. Is Turx a talmid/clone of Lipa?

  3. Turx has a right to ask questions of the President of the United States. Aren’t we in America. His valid question was the right question at the wrong time, when the President was combating the leftist questions and their idiotic assumptions. Obviously the president was hyper vigilant at this time and misunderstood the question as an attack. The real concern is the criticism some have for Turx for not presenting himself appropriately (dress and all). To tell you the truth, I initially fell for this after reading an article on the website, but after seeing and understanding the entire picture, I feel we owe Turx an apology for the lashon Hara spread about him.

  4. In my humble opinion, he needs to go to school to learn communication skills. I think all professional reporters do so, and Turx has the raw talent (and guts) to be a great reporter if he’d learn the trade in a professional environment.

  5. If you choose journalism as livelihood and you will be in front of the president of the United States, and on the world stage, please show the proper kavod and dress appropriately. Don’t dress like a shlub!
    Being a journalist is not like the uncle turx show!
    Follow the Minhag hamokom, all men seated were dressed appropriately. Do not be poresh min hatzibur! Wear a suit and tie and wear an adult Yarmulka. You have the Chutzpah to look like a court jester all the while unfortunately representing religious Jews. Or please choose another profession like a badchan, or singer. Even with a bad voice or no sense of humor you’d do less harm to the Klal.

  6. He did a very smart move with his replies on FOX. I can almost forgive him. He actually turned the whole story around with his explanation. I just don’t like that he says”our community” we never voted for anyone to be our spokesperson. If he is going to represent us we need to have a say in what he says. Otherwise he should say: “its my opinion or perception”

  7. I think when it’s eventually explained to the President, they will have a beer summit (with cholent!) and Turx will turn into a highly regarded journalist respected by everyone.

  8. I agree with with that he is not really very professional. And what was all that writing on his yamalka? I also felt bullied by his continuous statements regarding “the Orthodox” community. He is not my spokesman. Plus I hate when Jews only talk about their Peckel (Orthodox, orthodox). Gosh what a chance to shine instead he looked and acted like a buffoon.


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