Watch: Unsuspecting Barber Gives Mike Pence a Haircut

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GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence stopped for a haircut at a Pennsylvania barbershop this week between campaign stops. The unsuspecting barber cut Pence’s hair with no idea who his lone customer for the day was.




  1. The barber must either be a dummy or a good actor. Place was swarming with Secret Service and he was “unsuspecting”?

  2. I agree with comment #1.

    Are you kidding me? The secret service had an obligation to precheck that store before the potential VP even walked in. This reminds me of a few years ago when Obama supposedly wanted to feel like everyone else and went walking and shopping all on his own in some hick town without his security detail. What a bunch of hogwash. It is illegal for a sitting President to go ANYWHERE, even daled amos, without his security. And by the way, Obama’s security has guns on them!!!

  3. Having a good image for a candidate is nice. This is the only image of Mr. Pence so far that has not destroyed my mood on this election.

    Else, he is a bigot with anti-American values. We can consider his taste in discretion is not a strong support of human rights in our Nation.

    But good for America. I will be glad that he is not the two that I fear the greatest if he is the man that G-d forbid is elected under Trump. The world can see he is still having a good day with a barber. Cut well.


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