Watch: Vet Who Lost Legs Has Powerful Message For Kaepernick

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Retired USMC bomb technician Sgt. Johnny Joey Jones lost both his legs after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. But that doesn’t stop him from standing up and saluting the American flag during the national anthem, a message he has for Colin Kaepernick.




  1. Sgt. Jones should be blessed with all good things. He fought for this country and lost his legs in the process so we, armchair quarterbacks, can sit and comment on some websites.

  2. The U.S. has laws prohibiting discrimination in almost every venue, both public and private. Blacks are eligible for every position and office in the country, including President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Supreme Court, Congress, Senate, Governor, Mayor, etc, etc.
    Our country will never be entirely free of individual bigots, just as it will never be free of “bad guys” of any type, be they thieves, murderers or chat-room trolls. Yet, those who engage in bigotry are a small minority (irony intentional) who are shunned and reviled by Americans at large. Racists’ philosophies are un-American and they are figuratively stepping on the American flag – a disrespect that Kaepernick is mirroring with his contemptuous gesture toward his country.

  3. There was once a man, no, he was not a saint, far from from it; but he had a bit of self-respect. He said: … ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. Sgt. Joey Jones did just that for the benefit of all of us. Mr. what’s-is-name Kaepernick just did the opposite to the detriment of all of us and especially those he purports to speak on their behalf.


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