Watch: Video Shows Unstable Hillary Clinton Leaving 9/11 Commemoration Today

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  1. Not to worry she wasn’t stable before either but it doesn’t seem to bother anybody hopefully she won’t live to see the election hashem has a way to deal with people like her

  2. Why was the press not allowed to film what happened? Is this communist Russia? If she wants to get the highest position in the land, don’t we have a right to know what’s going on? Is this somehow an evil white racist plot by the Republicans?

  3. she clearly fainted there. You can see all along her walk the way theyre trying to protect her. America is in trouble. Part of her lack of concern, care for the american public for her to fight for a position when she knows she isn’t physically capable. All part of the clinton dishonesty.

  4. Are any of you jewish? It seems that the gentile compassion for attacking the victim is so prevalent in this matzav posting audience that the voice of any worth to consider humanity in terms of Torah love and chesed is vastly missing.

    A human being and a woman had a minor event to have her health compromised for a lapse of short time in understanding conditions of warm day and warm clothing perhaps short sleep and else. She is a woman. Do you realize that women’s health is much more avidly scared especially in elderly years?

    She is qualified to keep office and she is a woman. Are none of you men that have wives to be concerned? It is like I am dealing with drunk gentiles looking for someone to just fall down in this community online. Is that not horrible.

    I only say something because every day it seems there is more Hate Hillary nonsense online. You do not get votes promoting hate and trash talk in a jewish forum.

    Maybe the mishna was not to your liking. Perhaps Gemarrah was too busy. I do not know. I feel I am reading constantly all the comments of the back yard brash of lost jewish aggression.

    Seriously folks, Israel is humane. And a woman with ethics might be someone to look at. All of Donald Trump’s rings will not get you any better in your hopes of a good faith.

    This is pretty scary honestly. We have to stand before a Judge. Not a bar room buddy looking for yet another ale.

    Think of this era in the future when you might not be happy with your community standard. You set it.

    Woman and women can be fragile. I thought any man knew that.

  5. Crocadile tears for a macshefa that kissed suha Arafat while a thousand jewish men,women and children were blown to pieces in the Clinton Oslo accords.
    Trump was funding Israeli Hatzolah withmotir bikes for a faster response to save the jewish victims.

    • Holy concern. A kiss versus a naming hope for freedom. Arafat was terror but investigating liberty to work with their existing authority is the job of the oval office. Misery is thinking every one must hold your own pride. Hillary is running on basis of right timed speech. That is what we are voting into office.

  6. and all those who plan on voting Democratic…because u are told to do so…and u dont see whats happening in the news…you all need to wake up from ur slumber.You are ENTITLED to make your own decisions intelligently and not tbrough coercion…Use your G-d given brains when u pull the lever!

  7. For the record:
    This morning in NY was mild and breezy. Even at midday, it was very comfortable. Thousands of people were at that event -of all ages, people were not fainting.


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