WATCH: Violating P’sak of Gedolei Haposkim, 1,162 Jews Go on to the Har Habayis in Honor of Yom Yerushalayim

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  1. who are their gedolei haposkim. this is a sheila of issur kareis who in their right mind would be meikel when very majot poseik says not to go.

  2. To Anonymous: Talking about amorotzus, you just showed us yours. The shulchan oruch does not discuss any of the Halachos pertaining to the har Habayis. It may be found in the Rambam and others sefarim— but certainly not the shulchan oruch. I find it quite funny that you in your rant about being ignorant, showed the upmost ignorance possible. In the future, just keep to yourself, and save yourself from the embarrassment.

  3. The layout of Har HaBayis a matter of metzius.

    Could the commentatos here be so kind as to cite even ONE comprehensive teshuvah on this topic that shows WHY it’s assur to go?

    (Two-sentence declarations don’t count. Please cite even ONE teshuva that analyzes this issue, demonstrates its author’s comprehensive mastery of the FACTS, and despite that says there’s a safek issur kares to go to the places the frum people pictured in this article go to.)

    Go ahead.

  4. Fake Comment Alert:
    That is not true.
    Immediately after Kristallnacht , the Gedolei HaPoskim were telling everyone to try their best to leave Europe as soon as possible.

    • Sorry, you are mistaken. I heard directly from numerous Holocaust Survivors (not 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation) that the Gedoilim in their hometowns in Europe were telling them that things will get better, don’t leave, don’t go to a treifa America. (or other unknown destinations)


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