Watch: Virginia House Dems Proposes Legislation To Allow Abortions Up To Birth

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  1. It’s a pity her parents didn’t obey that law at least there would be one less Democrats
    And I think they should come up with some science how to detect if unborn child will be a democrat. So we can abort them before they ruin this planet and all of it’s Morales

  2. STOP CALLING IT a fancy name “ABORTIONS” but what it is: “MURDERING INNOCENT BABIES”.

    The MURDERING OF BABIES Law must be changed to give the babies up for adoption to couples who are anxiously waiting for children.

  3. This is so ridiculous! You can so clearly see the bias of the woman up there, to do anything, no matter how illogical, to prevent the woman from taking responsibility for her child. Anything to even avoid carrying the child full term and putting him/her up for adoption, because she would know that somewhere, her child is alive and wants to know who his family is.


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