Watch: “We Have To Protect Our People” – Israel’s UK Ambassador On Gaza Killings

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Israel’s UK Ambassador Mark Regev discusses Gaza.


  1. one can see the hate for israel in the guys eyes
    let see how he would interogate hamas
    but of course he would risk his head

  2. The ambassador did an amazing job in this interview. He was shot at with typical English antisemitism (you will find the same rhetoric across the BBC as well – all channels). He answered calmly and collectively and raised the basic and fundamental true points that I was excited to see finally someone counter attack these baseless claims in regard to Gaza etc.

  3. Such a level of HATE coming out of that interviewer. He refused to let Mr. Regev give ANY response to his slanderous accusations! The anti semite wasn’t interested in letting Mr. Regev get the truth out.


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