MUST WATCH: Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum Describes What A Yeshiva Should Look Like

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Rabbi Kestenbaum will be joining as the mashgiach of the new Mesivta opening in Long Beach, New York under the leadership of the Rosh Mesivta, Rabbi Elly Merenstein.



  1. Opening a new Yeshiva in Long Beach? The current Yeshiva there has been trying to move outnifbthere for many years. Long Beach is not a place for a Yeshiva! Additionally I am not a believer in the apologetic derech of chinuch he is espousing.

    • It’s not a matter of a “derech of chinuch” it’s Halacha. The rambam paskens you have to respect your Talmidim, if you don’t you went against Halacha and a apology is necessary just like any other halacha bien adam lichavairo

  2. He does make some good points. But, speaking of just about everything he says, he sounds a bit cynical…

    Who is giving the haskama on this new Yeshiva?

    Also, why by the beach?? There are so many other places to build a Yeshiva.

    I went to a Yeshiva by a beach, and it was a big issue.

  3. Rabbi Kestenbaum is from the biggest reasons to get the Yated each week. His articles and approach is so refreshing and for this generation of children. A legend.

    Of course he is cynical. He sees the kids that others destroyed and has to build them back up. He has seen to much of what is wrong. He will make it right.

  4. The new religion of liberalism masked as Judaism. The G-d in this new religion is the person. The highest values are his feelings.
    Safe spaces coming to a yeshivah near you…
    My rebbi triggered me….
    Something messed up in this new hashkafah. You can dress up anything in Mishnayos or mamor chazal.
    Please my zeezkeit sweettie, can you do me a favour and keep Shabbos…
    My darling princess can you do me a favour and wear a skirt….
    Very ess cristzich, azoi yideltzich…
    What are and were are the fruits of this new religion???

  5. Reb Elly Merenstien and Reb Moshe Kestenbaum have been helping kids grow and shtieg for many years, their greatest haskama is the tremendous amount of successful bnie Torah that they produced that love and respect them. They both, are of the true menchanchim of the dor and have a real chush for what it means to be a rebbe. I wish them much Hatzlacha (ps in this generation there is a lot worse going on then a Yeshiva near a beach)

  6. The very good.

    Yeshivas must decree new fate to our conferred grads. The hebrew in ascend to our Gate of curtail in worth no lamp to eternal durable worth.

    The yeshiva of tomorrow dreams safety by huddled mass in America just the opportunity to place yireh in burden and fate.

    We must stand true so others stand with Israel. The code is dream introduced light.

    G-d faced turning function. The tree can grip the building economy and home. Science permissions drum trade fate. Worth to ever some discussion but never a replacement for Gemara. First always Israel.

  7. Wow! Amazingly said! I look forward every shabbos to reading Rabbi Kestenbaum’s letter in the Yated, his insights to chinuch of today’s generation is something more and more rabbeim have to learn, as well as Rabbi Merenstein, I remember my nephew going to camp emes a few summers ago and it literally changed his life and his connection to Rabbi Merenstein is something every talmid should have to his rebbe. I wish you both tremendous hatzlocha and only Mazel! Hashem is with you!

  8. so a future talmid chachum should be thrown out for sock color? or hair length? is it lesheim shamayim? or is it a business decision? how can one measure future potential? would you throw a potential Rabbi Akiva in to the gutter?
    remember that a sound business decision does not equal a sound decision lesheim shamayim!

  9. So happy to hear this! Someone is finally stepping up for klal Yisroel! Rabbi Merenstein is someone who truly cares about every Jew and would do anything for anyone! So happy he joined the 5towns community and he keeps changing lives daily bh! I keep hearing stories about rabbi Kestenbaum’s vision on chinuch and it’s something that this generation needs!

  10. Who you do believe? How about Chazal for a start? As Rabbi Kestenbaum quoted many. All those yelling “liberalism”, yes, I suppose Chazal are quite liberal in that case. And take a long look at your own personal Yiddishkeit, beyond your fragile ego which is probably a result of your experience in a corrupt system, not your fault.

  11. And btw, if Chazal is not good enough for you, The Chazon Ish, Rav Shach, the Slonimer Rebbe and Rav Shteinman (just to name a few) all preached this “new” hashkafa and “liberal” nonsense their entire lives.

  12. I think all of which he spoke is true. I really don’t understand why he had to continuously take jabs at virtually EVERY other yeshiva. Yes; there are issues in other yeshivos. No; your approach will NOT be the solution to all of those problems. Stop patting yourself on the back and thinking you’re the savior of klal yisroel. You have a very nice and positive approach. I just don’t like how you literally painted all other yeshivos with the same brush, in a very negative way. I know some yeshivos from both camps, the good and the bad. There’s alot of stupidity and garbage today but I don’t think all the yeshivos prior to yours got it all wrong! Hatzlocha with your new yeshiva!

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