Watch: What Did Hillary Clinton Know And When Did She Know It?

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New bombshell information emerges from unredacted Grassley-Graham memo; panel debates on ‘Hannity.’




  1. The left art so delusional and neurotic. They still can’t believe that their Devil Hillary WHO ADMITTED on TV paying for the Russian anti-Trump dossier actually did so.

    The Memo confirmed that not only was the dossier paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton but the FBI also paid for it!!!

  2. It’s this weird thing with the Clintons. The Democrats/Liberals have chosen them as their status symbol. The Clintons are their G-ds, so to speak. They (establishment) will, and have, thrown many other democrats & Liberals under the bus but NEVER the Clintons. They will have themselves thrown in prison (remember Susan McDougal?) rather than have the Clintons get into trouble. I don’t believe they “knock-off” people (Clinton death count) and have them murdered but something is very weird the way the wagons are circled for them at every turn. If the Clintons are gone or in prison, does that mean the democrat party is finished? I mean seriously? They were the past but they are definitely not the future. Do the Democrats have any intellectuals who can become the new face of their party? Kerry, Biden, & Sanders are also has-beens.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. The fear of being suicided or their families being suicided by the Clintons is what drives the elites, the Deep State, FBI, CIA, DOJ, to go insane and do all kinds of crimes.

      Remember when Hillary said during the election campaign, “If Trump wins we’ll ALL hang from the gallows!” (Certainly referring to Obama and other crooks in the corrupt government.) The fear of being suicided will certainly stop once the Clintons will hang.


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