Watch: What Do We Really Know About The Covid Vaccine?

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  1. 1) No drug company is going to put out a vaccine that will cause damage!! The lure of making billions also means vulnerability to lawsuits and trillions or more in damages.
    2) Even in the Phillipines, the those who killed 600 children are being prosecuted and held responsible.
    3) Fear-mongers usually have an agenda. Be careful who you take advice from.
    If this were true we would have seen it already in the almost 50,000 PEOPLE (humans) who already got the vaccine.

    • Just an FYI on point number one. Pharmaceutical companies have zero liability for vaccine related injuries and deaths.

      This is normally governed by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. In regard to COVID 19 vaccines, immunity to vaccine makers are given under the PREP act.

      Instead of holding the vaccine makers liable, the government (your taxpayer dollars) pays out claims. To date, they have paid out more than 4.4 billions dollars in such claims (and it is extremely difficult to actually win such claims.)

      The government has already acknowledged the that potential payments for COVID vaccine related injuries will be much less than for other typical vaccine injuries.

      So the normal incentive to provide sage products do not exist by vaccines.

    • wrong! They are protected. You cant sue them for damage.

      WhIch sane person would take an experimental concoction for which you cant sue for damages?

      Think! Why would they want or need liability protection if this our savior??

    • Do you believe that Gates (and his father) who declared the world being too populated is creating a vaccine to save you?

  2. Why are you publishing this? One of these guys is Dell BigTree, the discredited anti vaxxer.

    This is one of those nonsense shows, and it’s criminal to promote this.

    • Actually I’m surprised that Matzav is waking up the Dummies like you and some above. Time to get your vaccine ‘cuz you’ll never get sick again and live forever.

    • Please could you specify by whom he was discredited and how. Or is he discredited just because he has questioned vaccine safety (and proved many times in court that his questions are valid)?

    Dr. Palevsky explains the Covid vaccine in simple terms, discussing its possible dangers. 12:30 – 27:30
    Doctors around the world warn the covid vaccine has not been proven safe and effective, saying it is an experimental vaccine and we are the guinea pigs.

    • 1) 100s of thousands of patients recieved the vaccine in clinical trials. I am quite certain that you will find in those trials that they WERE exposed to the virus afterwards.
      2) uman lo mareh umnaso – Are we fitting science into the Torah or the Torah into the Science.
      3) Rav Asher Weiss, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and tens of other poskim and manhigim have already spoken. We must take the virus.

  4. Both the guests are famous anti-vaxxers.
    Also neither are doctors or scientists. Just anti-vax quacks.
    Matzav you should know better than to publish this garbage. At least you should have better described the video.

    • Better to be an anti-vax quack than a pro-vax quack. At least the former has some science to back himself up.
      NO vaccine has ever undergone a randomised double blind study against an inert placebo.

  5. Why don’t you irrational Guinea pigs look at the FDA’s own paper on the Pfizer EUA and see they discuss this exact concern on page 11

  6. “Anaphylactic reactions can occur with any vaccine, but are usually extremely rare—about one per 1 million doses. As of 19 December, the United States had seen six cases of anaphylaxis among 272,001 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a recent presentation by Thomas Clark of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the United Kingdom has recorded two.”

  7. can someone explain this to me please? all of this stuff boils down to who you choose to believe. either you choose to get your information from a minority doctor that got kicked out of the larger scientific community or youre choosing to get your information from the normative scientific community, but either way youre choosing to believe the information and studies from a certain side. how is it that the people who choose to go with the more normative (and likely more accurate) news source, are sheeple, while the people who choose to get their information from people like alex jones and other such people are not. if youre taking any information from any source then youre automatically taking a side and that makes you just as much of a “sheeple” than any other person.


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