Watch: What Does State Dept. Audit Mean For Clinton Going Forward?

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A Fox News special star panel weighs in on what yesterday’s State Dept. audit means for Hillary Clinton going forward.




  1. This politically-motivated Lashon Hara against Hillary means absolutely nothing and only demonstrates how desperate the GOP is.

    • Lashon Hara is a Torah construct. It is not an act prohibited by U.S. law, nor by Christian canon. Were we to extend the concept of Loshon Hara to apply to all politicians equally regardless of their own religious affiliation and commitment to observance, it would follow that any disparaging remarks made regarding Donald Trump would likewise fall under the rubric of Lashon Hara.

      Mr. Gall, can you claim with all candor that you scrupulously avoid expressing negative opinions about Donald Trump? Or is that courtesy to be afforded solely to Hillary Clinton? If so, why?

  2. Charlie you need to be locked up together with hrc, then you might be helped since you are so crazy that even if it was painful you can’t feel it!!!!!!!


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