Watch: What Is The Real Reason The FBI Is Warning Against The Memo?

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Chris Swecker and Alan Dershowitz provide insight on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’




  1. It’s quite obvious that the FBI and Deep State don’t want the public and the world to see their corruptions. Which is why they’re doing everything possible to stop it, even as far as attempting to assassinate the GOP lawmakers who voted for the release of the memo in the Amtrak train “accident” yesterday. AG Sessions confirmed that the train and truck collision was coordinated and not an accident – for which there’s plenty of proof. Hashem loves Trump and watches over his men too. Only the truck driver got killed and the train did not get derailed.

    The Deep State, seeing that their train plans did not work out are now threatening the President if he dares release the memo.

    Adam Schiff is petrified and already prepared his bogus statement for fake news that the memo was altered. Nunes denied it and said it’s a lie. The FBI added that the omissions of some facts changes the accuracy. They just want to make sure the people don’t believe their corruptions.

    If they have nothing to fear, why the threats and lies?

    • The real question is, why is Jeff Sessions petrified of Adam Schiff?! Why can’t Floppy Ears admit that Donald Trump won the election? Trump has a mandate from the American people. The voters have spoken. Elections have consequences. Trump has won and Adam Schiff has lost. Jeff Sessions should be fired immediately. He is so stupid. He is so scared of what Adam Schiff might say. Let Jeff join the democrat party and than he can even marry Adam legally.

  2. The FBI should demand an investigation on the Russians on the corruption allegations in the memo.

    In the meantime until the release, the Democrats are busy writing fake memos to counter the real memo to keep the truth from the public and to discredit any truth that gets out.


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