Watch What You Eat! Worms Found Crawling In Spice Container

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  1. Those look like Meal Moth caterpillars. Once you get them in your house it’s extraordinarily difficult to fully erradicate them. Is the customer SURE that they were in the container when it was purchased and didn’t get into it later? We’ve had that happen with cereals.

  2. Rabbosai, many foods must be checked, using various methods, and different foods are affected differently in different countries. One must be educated in each food in each location!!! It’s not enough for a girl to learn how to check in the US and rely on that when she moves to Eretz Yisroel so her husband can grow in Torah! (By the way, paprika is particularly prone to infestation.) Several suggestions: buy fresh Pesach time (Pesach’dik) for the whole year, and store in the freezer or fridge after checking. If you run out or didn’t do so, check the whole batch when you buy, and store in the freezer or fridge. Check expiry dates on food products. LEARN THE HALOCHOS from someone qualified, not just an equally uninformed friend. This applies to bochurim who make their own food in their diros, and many of whom are totally not aware of what’s involved. To find out if someone really knows, make sure they follow the instructions given by Rav Moshe Via, the premier expert on the Israeli problems. I am shocked by what I hear from people who t h i n k they know what to do. לא תשקצו

  3. There could have been eggs in the container, which hatched. I once bought a jar of dried soup herbs and they were infested. I didn’t find out until after I had made my soup and had to throw the whole soup out because it was full of worms! UGH!


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