WATCH: When a Cancelled Chasunah at the Waldorf Was Given Over to a Different Chosson and Kallah

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      • “If this video is a problem for you, then you are the one with the issues.”

        Assuming that anonymous is a man then you are correct because it would only be a problem for a man to watch women dancing.
        But ‘anonymous’ can actually be used for a man or a woman, so you may be incorrect after all. But, it’s ok because even intelligent people make mistakes sometimes, so we can let you live with it…

    • Ahavat chinam! A chatan and kallah supposed to get married in this magnificent Waldorf decided not to get married. Instead the father of the chatan suggested they donate the whole wedding to another family. The previous kallah came to the wedding to see the simcha herself first hand. Soo nice. Wish the first kallah to find her zivvug bkarov and should build her own bayit neeman bisrael, with only the best! She encouraged ahavat chinam, may h-m yitbarach give her, her parents, her previous chatan and his parents, ahavat chinam for their entire life!

  1. We all know that when it comes to showing nashim, Matzav are from the biggest hypocrites. Such a lack of tznius to push a fake made up story? Pheh.

    • ‘ your problem,
      dare you to find a shred of that in any Jewish source

      קדושים שני לוחות הברית
      לא תעמוד על דם רעך

  2. Beautiful story, whoever says something negative about it is a pitiful cynic who is totally shaku’a in the goysheh mentality where nobody has nothing good to say about anything or anybody. Ooray BeTUV Yerushalayim.


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